Although in business we like to create processes, blueprints, and guides, sometimes these processes and step by step roadmaps stop working.

Especially when it comes to marketing programs or campaigns that we have running on autopilot. Or promotions that repeat regularly.

what to do when marketing stops working

Put on your detective hat and try these 4 tactics to boost your promotion when it stops working

With marketing programs, you may experience that thing is just not working as well as they used to. That, once a successful promotion, is just underperforming.

There is a slow down in quality leads or list growth. Fewer people walking through the door, less website traffic and sales.

There are several factors that impact slowing the results of a marketing program. Here are just four and what to do about them.

The message or offer is no longer appealing to your audience

An offer that has been bringing good leads, referrals, and prospects could, over time, get stale. If you are reaching a good amount of people and only a small percentage is taking you up on the offer, that is an indication that the incentive is just not that appealing.

If you believe that the offer is fantastic, try repackaging it with a fresh message (and make it a benefit and all about them), visuals and a new push.

If results continue to generate dismal results, then yah, it is the offer and you need to rethink it.

To come up with a new, exciting and sought after incentive, you have to hit the street and ask people what they want.

  • Do they want a PDF download or a webinar?
  • Do they want a free week trial or special 3-month discounted membership?
  • Do they want a BOGO event or a free upgrade?

When the offer is of significant perceived value loaded with benefits, it will create the buzz you are looking for.

You have saturated the market and there are no more prospects wanting your product or service in a specific target area

Sometimes, when your market size is limited, you might have exhausted your customer base for a specific product or service.

Your options are to broaden your reach and introduce your company to a new group of customers or to add a new product or service to your offering mix so that your existing customers can buy something else.

If your product or service can be purchased repeatedly but perhaps there is a long period of time between those purchases, your job is to stay top of mind with all of your customers for two most important things:

  1. To make sure that when the time comes, they come back to you and not someone else
  2. So that they can send you referrals

Keeping in touch and in front of your customer could be a newsletter, but it can also be a well presented and delivered social media program.

As long as you stay relevant and on their radar, they will remember you when it is time to buy.

Competitors have moved in

Customers always have a choice. They can buy from you or someone else. When the competition moves in, that only means that your marketing must work overtime.

Keeping customers loyal is a priority. So that they continue to buy from you and bring all of their friends to do the same. Loyal customers are your biggest brand champions and making sure that they are well taken care of will guarantee your business success.

Using marketing well to maintain your market position within the niche and still attract new customers is a business necessity. There is just no way around that.

Doing nothing will result in just that. Nothing.

So, stay visible and be consistent with your marketing.

You are not reaching your ideal customer because they have moved on

It is extra important to keep tabs on what your ideal customers are up to. Where do they hang out, who do they follow, how do they find out about things, where are they online?

An Instagram promotion might have been working really really well, but maybe your customers are back on Facebook because of all the cool features that Facebook has introduced lately, like groups where they can interact with people with similar interests.

Or they like to watch Brene Brown doing Facebook Live sessions so they spend time there each time she’s on.

When a promotion stops working, maybe it is time see what can be done to update and refresh it. Change the offer, try a new delivery method, change the audience focus.

A little detective work and a few fixes can get you back on track, reaping the rewards of being a smart, on the ball and organized boss!


Is there a stale promotion that is still out there, just not pulling in the results like it used to? Put on your detective hat, bring a fix-it mindset and see how you can bring it around.

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