It takes a lot of work to bring people to your website. Aside from creating great content, there is website optimization and content promotion.

Once a person lands on your website, how do you keep them there longer, how do you entice them to browse around and how do you get them to become a fan, an email subscriber and ultimately a customer?

4 Tips On How To Convert A Website Visitor Into A Loyal Fan

Make your website do the work of turning visitors into customers.

Here are some tips that you can try on your website to convert a website visitor into a fan and ultimately into a customer.

Easy to read and follow content

Even when the topic is dry, difficult, or hard to follow, make the presentation as easy for your readers as possible. Short paragraphs, point form lists, examples and images will help break up a long post or onerous subject matter, and make it much more easy to read and your message clearer.

Highlight important point with bold or italic font of other layout treatments to draw the reader’s attention to those messages that you want them to notice.

Many people skim read posts to first determine if the content will offer them the information that they are looking for. They will stay on the page longer once they’ve decided that, yes, indeed, the article is worth their time.

These visual stylings will help your page become more readable.

Create a bonus

Some marketers refer to this as a content upgrade. It is a resource, such as a checklist, or cheatsheet in a form of a PDF that readers must submit an email address in order to gain access.

This is a typical way to grow your list of subscribers so that you can reach them using email marketing.

The bonus or content upgrade appeals to those who are interested in what you have to offer. Which is great because it prequalifies your list with those individuals who want to know more and are interested in what you have to say.

Bonuses or content upgrades allow you to bring value to your readers, give them a bit extra and position yourself as an industry expert. What content marketing is all about.

Lead with hyperlinks

As your content library grows, create text links between articles to gently lead your readers to discover more of your website.

You can also use tools and plugins that highlight “more posts like this” or “you might also like…” content on your website. Check with your website manager or search online for plugins and to see how to incorporate such tools on your site.

Keeping your readers on the site longer means that they will learn more about you and your expertise.

It will also help to keep the bounce rate on your website low, which is a key signal to search engines, like Google, about the value that your site offers. The lower the bounce rate, the greater reward of organic traffic from Google.

When you make it easy for readers to discover more relevant content, the greater the chances are that they will stay on the site, subscribe to your newsletter and buy.

Ask for an action

Readers will not take an action unless you ask for it.

  • Would you like them to subscribe to your newsletter? Then ask them with clear sign-up box(es).
  • Would you like them to buy a product? Highlight it and ask for a sale.
  • Would you like them to book a consult? Ask them with a link to your contact page or an online booking tool like Calendly.

CTAs (call to action) on a website are critical if the goal of your site is to convert a website visitor into a fan and ultimately into a customer.

Without that ask or that direction, visitors will just leave. But offering them that next step will guide them where you would like them to go.

BONUS: Engage before they even get there

A unique way to create a welcoming atmosphere for new website visitors is to engage with them before they even land on your website.

Since a lot of your marketing is most likely happening on social media, pay attention to and engage with your fans on social media. Chances are that they found you on Facebook, Instagram or Twiter and before they click through to your site, they follow you and engage with you there. They might like or comment on your posts, and you should try and reciprocate.

This will show them that, yes, you do see them. That there is a person behind the brand. That you are listening to and care about your audience.

Over to you

Make your website content as easy to read and apply some simple lead tactics to keep your visitors on the site longer. And don’t forget to ask for what you would like them to do.

Your website is meant to work for your business. One important job is to convert a website visitor into a fan and ultimately into a customer.

I hope that you found this topic interesting and useful, til next time!


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