It is middle of June when this article is going live. Mid-year already! How did this happen!

BUT, the information that I share below is timeless. You can apply it in your business any time of the year.

Keep track of these simple marketing metrics to stay on track and reach your business goals.

Keep track of these simple marketing metrics to stay on track and reach your business goals.

Today, I have some questions for you:

  1. How are your 2017 goals coming along?
  2. Are you on track?
  3. Have your marketing programs delivered the growth you planned?

Assuming that you create business and marketing goals for your business, of course.

If you keep a monthly record of your key performance indicators, you know exactly where you are with your growth, your marketing, and your business goals.

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into visible.”

~ Tony Robbins

I get that sometimes checking stats and recording those numbers can be tedious.

Make this your June’s “to do”: review your growth in all areas: website traffic, social media growth, engagements, list growth, referrals, sales.

What to track

Here are a few marketing specific metrics that I pay attention to in my business and report on for client projects:

  • Website traffic
    • Overall traffic
    • The sources of website traffic
    • Popular pages
    • Keyword searches
  • Social media
    • Number of fans/followers
    • Engagement
    • Traffic to website
  • Email list growth
    • Sources
  • Newsletter performance
    • Open rates
    • Click through rates
  • Advertising performance
    • Ad spend
    • Traffic from ads
    • Conversion rates

All of the above should positively impact your bottom line and be aligned with:

  • Sales
    • Volume
    • Sources
  • New referrals and connections

A simple spreadsheet is all you need to see a pattern and instantly know how healthy your marketing activities truly are.

Where to get the numbers

Get the numbers from these sources:

  • Google Analytics – if you do not have this installed on your website, do it today.  
  • Facebook insights – access from your business page
  • Twitter insights
  • Pinterest analytics
  • Instagram – there are a few tools, I keep simple stats on a spreadsheet
  • Your email provider will have campaign performance metrics

And here are a few worksheets that to help you become a better more confident marketer and keep track of your efforts:.

Marketing Metrics Benchmark Worksheet

Business Goals and Marketing Action List Worksheet



Knowing how your activities are performing will help you determine what activities are working, which should be improved and where you should spend more time.

All this to help you re-focus for the next 6 months for the year and make it the best year yet!

Thank you so much for sticking around to the end of the post.  I really appreciate you stopping by and hope that you found this short article useful.

If you did, could you share it with your biz friends?  I would really, really appreciate it.


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