“Marketing is a contest for people’s attention.” – Seth Godin


Your marketing strategy supports your company’s goals and objectives.  It gives you a how-to guide for realizing those long term and short term goals.


It provides you with a deep understanding of your ideal customer and how you can be the solution to her or his most nagging problems.

Your marketing strategy, if done right, will elevate your business to such a level that your ideal customer will become part of your trusted tribe and your brand champion.

You can certainly create a marketing strategy on your own by following the general steps:

  • Define your ideal customer completely with a list of the demographic and equally important psychographic characteristics such as her or his deepest desires and greatest fears as they relate to your product or service. You need to become your customer in order to find out why he or she will buy from you, where to reach them and how to communicate with them.
  • Write your brand story. Storytelling is by far the most effective way to create a brand personality in a relatable manner. No matter what you sell, you are selling it to human beings who love stories. Tell yours to create instant and lasting connection.
  • What are your company and marketing goals and objectives? Write them down and commit to them, because if it isn’t written down it isn’t true and it isn’t going to happen.
  • What are your products and services strengths and differentiating factors – what makes you different? And why should your ideal customer care?
  • Create a list of your company’s core values, your manifesto.
  • Create a list of key messages that relate your brand story to your customer – how will you connect the two? This will help you figure our that sweet spot between your offer and your customers desires.
  • Create a list of tactical approaches of how you will reach your customers with your key messages. Is it trade shows, networking, social media, email marketing, workshops, sales meeting? List them all.
  • And of course, create a budget. At first your marketing wish-list may be long. Going through them, assigning priorities and aligning them with your budget will help you focus your efforts.

The above process will give you the key to understanding your ideal audience, where and how to reach them, what content type would be most meaningful, what messages and tone should your marketing embody to effectively communicate your value proposition.

With this knowledge you can create a marketing strategy filled with appropriate programs and campaigns that will resonate with your ideal customer and bring you closer to your desired business goals.

Creation of marketing programs, communication calendar and KPI (key performance indicators) will follow.

The result will be the perfect mix of branding, content marketing, sales promotion, product and services launches and social media.

Alternatively, we can work together on creating a comprehensive plan that includes activity schedule.  You will know exactly what to do and when.  You will be able to execute the plan on your own, with your team or we can do it together.


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