Content marketing, in form of a blog, video, audio, social media post or a newsletter is an important part of marketing and promoting a business.

It is the number one way to communicate your offer, tell your brand story, share your values and help people gain trust.

Today, I share some of my idea on how to come up with content for your blog or newsletter or social media.  Content ideas can stump people in their track, and I hope that this email will help.

How To Come Up With Content Ideas For Your Marketing

How To Come Up With Content Ideas For Your Marketing

The one content type that people want to see more from you is your personal perspective and your personal opinion.

Maybe it is your opinion on whatever is happening in your niche, or how you handle a specific task or do what you do.

I like to read, view and listen to stories of how someone manages their marketing or uses paid advertising to help their business.  Often, I am not looking for amazing results just what businesses do to promote and grow their gig.

Here is a quick list of content idea starters to boost your creativity:

Your customers have questions, answer them

  • How to take care of a product that you are selling
  • How to make the best out of the service that you provide
  • How to extend the teachings in your one-on-one sessions to home practice How you set up your business
  • Tools that you use that your customer can also integrate into their routines
  • Create an “Ask Me Anything” invitation – verbal, online or social media will get you a ton of idea from those who you serve daily.

Your customers have stories, share them

  • How your services or products has helped real people
  • A personal trainer can share a customer’s journey to wellness or weight loss, listing routines, types of workout schedule that were established, nutritional tips that others can adapt.

New developments in your niche that your customers should know about

  • Social media marketers often write about new tools and new ideas on how to use social media platforms.
  • Realtors and mortgage brokers can write about the latest developments in their community’s real estate market.

Seasonal or even pop culture inspired:

  • If you can tie what is happening on this season’s This is Us to your industry, you will create an interesting and shareable blog or social media post!

Use social media to tap into what your influencers or even customers are buzzing about:

  • It’s a great way to discover new content and get fresh ideas for your own blog.
  • Use Facebook groups to find out what others are struggling with and use the questions as your content topics.
  • Use Twitter lists to see what your customers or industry colleagues are tweeting about, turn a hot topic into a piece of content for your website or newsletter.

Chat with your mastermind group and business associates to brainstorm ideas:

  • Brainstorming and collaborations are a good way to ask those that you trust for opinions.
  • Since we are so close to our services and products, we might not recognize the opportunities in the marketplace.

Attend in-person events and meet-ups:

  • Get out of your office and learn first hand what others are working on, what they are struggling with, what solutions they are looking for.

Schedule time for writing

Now it is time to commit the one resource we all wish we had more of: TIME.

If you choose to release an article or an email each week, schedule time to write, edit and schedule to publish each and every week.  Book time in your calendar and make this time non-negotiable.

Quality content and consistency matter as you create content and it reflects on your brand image and reputation.  So put out good content and execute it consistently.


Don’t dismiss content marketing, even if it is a daunting task at this moment.

Publishing fresh content on your website is important for your SEO and branding.  Email marketing is important for building loyalty and moving your leads into customers and brand champions.

I hope that you found this topic interesting and useful, til next time!


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