Are you keeping up with the Facebook’s ever-changing features? There seems to be a new feature or function added every day.  New way to post, or to reply to posts or to showcase our lives and business.

Just a few things to try to boost your Facebook marketing.

Just a few things to try to boost your Facebook marketing.

Cover videos

Facebook favours video as a status update.  It likes it when we upload video, when we do a Facebook live and video ads outperform other ad types.

Now you can use a video as your Facebook business page cover.

The jury is out if this will enhance or boost your Facebook page performance, but it certainly is a nice and unique way to introduce your page and promote your business.

The video auto-plays when someone visits your page and is eye catching.

See an example here

Less is more

Pay attention to your metrics.  I have noticed that posting less is actually better for organic post reach.  Many big marketing brands and social media tool companies have also confirmed this.

Posting to Facebook only once per day seems to the optimal. The best time to post will be as individual as your business and your page, but the insights will be able to give you a good idea.

You do need to test this for yourself.  In your case and depending on how engaged your audience is, posting more often could be good thing

Read more about this here

Say it with a GIF

In case you haven’t noticed, you can now search a large library of GIFs (micro video) and use them in your comments.

You can browse a myriad of GIFs and pick the best one that expresses your feeling or boosts the opinion you are voicing in your comments.


Add color background to your text status update

I’m sure that you have seen the large text and colourful background status updates in your newsfeed.

This is available on your personal profile only but if you use your personal profile to network and talk about your professional life, this enhanced status can help bring attention to your message.
You don’t have to create these visuals in a third party image app and then upload to Facebook. You create them easily by adding a background colour treatment right within Facebook.


Your page’s inbox expansion

Your business page’s inbox now includes messages from people sending private messages to your page (Messenger), Facebook reviews or comments on your posts and Instagram comments.

You can manage all your fan communication and engagement from this one central place.


Over To You

If it seems that there is something new on Facebook each time that you log in, it could be true!  There are small changes added and features being improved very, very frequently and released without any announcements.

Facebook’s number one goal is to keep its audience highly engaged and coming back to the platform often. Which is good for us who promote our businesses on Facebook.  We rely on that highly engaged and committed user group to keep coming back.

This means that Facebook cannot be stagnant, it must evolve to keep its position as the leading social media network in the world.



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