You took some time away from your marketing.

I get that … so did I. Completely unintentional, unplanned and definitely not in the best interest of my brand. But I took a short hiatus.

After a marketing break, how do you get back on track with your marketing?

After a marketing break, how do you get back on track with your marketing?

The work-work still was completed, clients cared for, projects delivered on deadline, new proposals sent and deals signed. But there was a lull in activity in two of my main marketing programs that drive engagement, grow awareness, build my reputation and cultivate relationships: social media activity decreased and email marketing paused.

Has this ever happened to you? How did you start up again?

Sometimes we get busy with paid gigs, or when the business is seasonal, other tasks take priority. And sometimes, there just is no reason for the pause. It just happens.

Here is what’s been working for me and maybe if you find yourself in this predicament it will help you as well.

SIDE NOTE: no magic formula will be revealed below. It will be work. Work that I know you can tackle.


This may be revising your plan that you’ve paused or created a new one. For me, I dusted off my editorial calendar for these emails to keep me focused. I now have ideas and tips to pass on and develop for the next three months. My editorial calendar is fluid, so if there is an idea or a ratchet that is worth passing along that is unscheduled, I will do that and move things around.

I have also blocked time in my calendar to work on creating content and scheduling emails and posts. I’m a fan of batching, it saves me time gives me peace of mind so that I don’t need to think about what to share or what to write at the last minute.

Further reading about planning:


I’ve pre-written a few Instagram captions and settled them into my Google calendar. Just like an appointment, it will remind me to post to Instagram, with the text already composed for easy copy and paste.

I also use Buffer to schedule posts to Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram but my free version allows me to schedule just 5 at a time. Which is my adding reminders to my Google Cal helps.

Do The Work

It is easy to let a post go, to skip an email, to skip a networking event. Everyone goes through lulls like this.

Once the plan is created and some work is scheduled, you need to get serious and do the work. Find the internal drive or seek accountability in external ways.

I recently listened to a podcast episode about getting more done in a shorter amount of time. The episode was about a layered approach to get focused on the top priorities, not getting lost on tasks that make us seem busy but rather on those tasks that actually make a difference in the business and life.

I recommend you have a listen. The podcast is by Amy Porterfield whose specialty is teaching people all about online business marketing and creating online courses, but this topic crosses niche boundaries and the strategies discussed can be applied to any type of a business.

Online Marketing Made Easy, Episode 174: 3 Hacks to Help You Get More Done in Less Time

For me, planning, scheduling, and getting down to it and getting it done feels good! I feel like I am accomplishing personal and business goals. I feel like I am ahead of where I was at the start of the year.


If you’ve experienced a lull, took a marketing break, paused for no particular reason, it is time to get back to it!

I hope that you found this topic interesting and useful, til next time!


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