It is completely human nature that as we come to a close of a year or a season two things seem to happen:

  1. We reflect on how the current year or season unfolded, what accomplishments we’ve achieved and what just didn’t seem to go our way.
  2. We look forward to the new year, month or season, to the changes that we may want to implement and the opportunities that those changes could bring.

Have you identified the marketing activities that have worked in your business so far? Are you considering which promotions will keep your focus in the future?

CRM, social media and your website. The three marketing activities to keep, always.

CRM, social media and your website. The three marketing activities to keep, always.

Among them, keep on with the following three marketing activities, because I know that they will continue to build awareness, strengthen loyalty and promote growth for your business:

1) CRM – client relationship management

Doing a good job for your customers, fulfilling the promise that you have made during the transaction and making your customers feel good about working and buying from you.  That is just good business.

Staying in touch with your clients on regular basis, creating VIP offers, and participating in activities that keep your business top of mind. That is kicking your marketing up a notch.

CRM activities may vary based on your niche and business model.  But the concept is universal: taking care of current clients and staying in touch with past clients will generate repeat business and bring in new referrals.

Stay in touch using an email newsletter, active social media presence, phone calls, personal emails or even direct mail.

2) Social media marketing

Social media is not going away but it is changing. Not every business will experience success on Instagram or Pinterest, but there are many social media channels to choose from that can deliver the results you are looking for.

Make sure to do your homework to find out which social platform works for your audience and your type of message.

Pay attention to your chosen channel as they do change without notice. And take advantage of all features to maximize your efforts: write a great bio, have professional covers and profile image, post regularly, use video and more.

In addition to organic posts, do add a paid promotion to your social media marketing. Even with a small budget, you can see some amazing results.

3) Website maintenance

Your website remains the online home for your business and does need regular maintenance. This means keeping up with the technical aspects but also with content creation and updates.

You don’t need to write a daily or even a weekly blog, but adding new content to your website shows that you are offering current information to your audience. It means that you are an expert and you follow your industry’s trends.

An audit can focus your attention to update any resources, case studies, testimonials, and offerings.

Develop your website as the place for your customers to trust it as a resource and for prospects to use it to learn about what you can do for them.


This week, think about your CRM, social media program and your website.  These three components of your marketing strategy are incredibly important. But they are not static pieces, even if you apply the best automation practices available.

Make these three activities the core marketing agenda items.

I hope that you found this topic interesting and useful, til next time!


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