Visual marketing is certainly key to a successful social media program. Although Facebook is enamored with video at the moment, creating video content is not always possible, nor should it be the only content type that you share.

A good mix of video, link, image and text posts on Facebook and Twitter makes for an interesting social media channel.

How to Create Quote Images For Your Social Media_pin-minNot to mention the image based platform like Instagram requires you to snap, create and share amazing images and build a visually appealing and interesting grid.

One type of an image seems to outperform all others, and that is images that contain a quote. In the sea of content, these simple images seem to grab people’s attention and evoke an action.

They are meant to inspire, share a wise thought, speak a truth and connect with our audience with a like-minded belief.

These types of posts are so easy to like, share, and give a “Hells ya!” to. Pair a powerful image and a truth bomb, and see your engagement climb.

But let’s not get overboard. Use quote images sparingly, with intention and always strategically.
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Before you get started, keep these simple tips in mind:

  • Use high-quality images as your background
  • Pay attention to your branding and brand style when selecting images and the quotes themselves
  • Keep the quotes short and snappy, so that they are easily read
  • Use a tool like Evernote, Notes or a simple Google doc or Word to keep a library of quotes that you come across as you browse the net.

STEP 1. Source quotes that speak to you and your audience

When looking for famous quotes, the simplest tool to us is Google or another search engine that you may like better, like Yahoo or Bing. When searching for specific quote topic, include the word “quotes”, such as: “leadership quotes” or “money quotes” or “mom quotes”. I know, how simple is this tip, but that is how you fill find what you are looking for fast.

Your search results will be vast, so be ready to scan through lists of quotes to find the one that conveys what you want to say while complementing your brand, your business, and your audience.

Some quotes may be too long to use as image overlays. Some may not be relevant to your business or just not apply to your personality.

When you find one that fits, copy and paste it into your library, make sure that you capture the author’s name as well. I like to verify the quote by putting the entire quote into the search box to make sure that it is correct and that I have the source accurately credited.

Don’t be afraid to create quotable images or images with word overlays using your own thoughts and tips.

These can be excellent additions to your Instagram feed and serve as a lead into what your caption is all about.

If you are an avid reader, I bet that you can find great quotable lines in whatever you are reading. Books, articles, blog posts.

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STEP 2 use high quality, non-distracting images

A bold, or calming, or emotion gripping images are powerful. Depending on your brand style and the message in your quote, choose an image that is attention grabbing and can convey what you want to communicate.

Keep in mind that images with too many “things” happening will be distracting and the words that you place over it, may not stand out, defeating the purpose of placing the text there.

Use images that have enough free space for your text to lay comfortably and visibly. This may mean cropping an image or shooting it with ant props to the side, instead of center.

Now, where to find photos that are good quality, appropriate and do not cost a fortune. Read Three Image Banks To Use For Your Visual Content Marketing

Your options are:

  • Free image banks such as Unsplash
  • Paid image banks such as Creative Market
  • Professional photographer
  • Your own camera or phone
  • You can also use a colored or textured background found on any image editing tool.

STEP 3: tools that help add text to images

I am partial to Canva and WordSwag, but there are many other tools that enable you to add text to any image. I’ve heard great things about PromoRepublic , have used PicMonkey many times and the Over app as well as Ripl app a few times.

Good news is most of these tools also supply a stock photo library, so if you are stuck, you can search for an image right within the tool. Some images are free and some come with a small fee.

Design tip: try to create a branding style for your quote images. Be consistent with photo style, image style and add a logo watermark in a discreet way.

If you use Canva, you can easily duplicate a design and update it to keep stylings consistent.

2017-10-26_1452BONUS: a few resources to help you out even more!

If you want more, here is a list of resources that will help you discover more tools, image sources, and information about visual marketing.

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Free Stock Photos: 73 Best Sites To Find Awesome Free Images

Dig even deeper to with visual marketing:

60 Awesome Free Tools To Create A Visual Marketing Campaign On A Budget
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21 Amazing Sites With Breathtaking Free Stock Photos

Now tie it all together with a checklist to boost your social media marketing.


Will you give quote images a try? It can certainly add variety to your social media posts.

I hope that you found this topic interesting and useful, til next time!


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