A rebrand can be daunting. It is a big project to undertake especially if there are many elements that make up the communication portion of your marketing: website, storefront, brochures, advertising, packaging and more.

For most companies, the brand evolves with time especially as you learn about your customers, grow products and services and before increasingly clear about exactly what it is that you offer.

How to spruce up your branding without a full re-brand

Update your branding without a full-blown rebrand.

Every time you add a new service or product or every time you notice that a new customer segment emerges within your customer group is when your brand evolves.

That doesn’t mean that a rebrand is needed, but it might mean that a brand spruce-up or a tweak is something to consider.

Or if you know that a rebrand is on the horizon, but you simply cannot afford the time or the energy or the budget to go all out, there are some things that you can do to improve your brand image.

Rebranding Game Plan

First, spend the time to come up with a game plan. Even a small tweak will require some thought, a plan and time to implement.

Then conduct a brand review. Make lists of

  • all your marketing activities, templates, communication pieces that you use to talk about your products and services.
  • the places where you promote your business: online, social media, directories, community, advertising places.
  • the visual brand elements: logo, font styles, brand colours, image styles.
  • the call to action phrases and any words, phrases, and sentences that you use often.

Once you have a master list of all the elements that make up your brand, identify those elements that are no longer serving your purpose.

New Brand Identity

Create a new branding identity to slowly move towards. This may require that you work with someone to help you figure out your new branding style – you need to consider a myriad of features that make up a brand and sometimes talking it through with someone will help you clarify the brand essence that will connect with your ideal customers.

When you are ready, identify the elements that you definitely want to phase out, such as the use of a certain phrase or font style or colour. And stop using it in marketing while you work on your new and improved brand.

Branding Tweaks

Here are just three things that you can do to spruce up your brand without doing a full rebrand:

  • Update just the website home page.
    • Use this facelift as a new welcome mat for your customers and the public.
    • If you use a themed website template, this can be easy to implement. Move elements around change the size of the hero image, update your navigation or calls to action.
    • Change the focus of your home page to clearly direct visitors to where you want them to go or what you want them to do next.
  • Revise your social media strategy.
    • Switch the social platform you use
    • Change how you use it
    • Update the content and or format that you share
    • Change the type of visual style you use
  • Update all your internal and external templates, freebies, worksheets, brochures, ads by removing the phrases or images, or colours that you identified as must go with new

Over To You

If a rebrand is on the horizon for you, remember that this can be a long process. Start with a game plan. What do you want to change and why? What are the must go elements? What you want the new brand identity to say about you?

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