The best source of images for your marketing is your smartphone for social media posts, and working with a professional photographer for website images, pro photos of you and for print advertising.

Three Image sources

Your smartphone or camera is best, but when you are stuck, use these three sources for amazing images for your marketing.

Then there is the internet.

Images are easy to come by using Google search. Except that it is illegal, and you can get caught when using an image which does not belong to you, resulting in a legal dispute and fines.

Best to stay away from simply grabbing an image off the internet and using it in public space like your website or social media or print.

Here are three online image banks to find amazing photographs that I am sure will fit your niche.

This website has been my primary go-to source for images for my website and social media. Free to download and use for personal or commercial purpose.

I find myself using this website more because it aggregates content from other free image banks, including Unsplash.

Images are free to use for personal or commercial purpose.

Images on this website are inexpensive and you will find photos not used by hundreds of other. If you have a special project, you might want to consider spending a bit of money on the photo, especially if it doesn’t cost much.

Over To You

Use beautiful images to enhance your brand and communicate your message.  Use your own photos as much as possible, but if you find yourself in a pinch and you need an image fast, grab one from a source where licensing is already looked after.

I hope that you found this topic interesting and useful, til next time!


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