If all that you are doing on Facebook is posting to your business page, stop. You will get nowhere and Facebook marketing will be truly a waste of your time.

I believe that Facebook remains the place on social media where an active business can connect with customers grow a brand and generate awareness and sales.

It is time to revamp your Facebook marketing.

It is time to revamp your Facebook marketing.

We just cannot apply the same strategies and tactics that we used to even 6 months ago.

To get the most out of your Facebook marketing and see results, my recommendations are below. Depending if you are a solopreneur or run a team, each of these can be applied with a slight variation.

Facebook Business Page

Keep up an active Facebook page.

Posting more in not an answer but do create an update each day. Apply a mix of photos posts, status updates with links to your blog or resources pages on your website, and third party content that is highly engaging.

Pay attention to Facebook insights to share content type that generates most engagement and also to the time of day when your audience is on Facebook. This varies from business to business and the insights on your page will help you figure this out.

Connect your Facebook Accounts and Make Them Public

Make sure that your business page is linked to your personal account.

This way your friends and those that you interact with on Facebook in groups can quickly see what you do and see a link to your business page.

Keep your privacy settings right is important but not when it comes to letting people about your business and how you can help them.

Use Facebook Groups

Spend some time in Facebook groups, or maybe even create your own.

True that there are a lot of Facebook groups now, but they work! You don’t have to create and manage your own, but select a few and jump in each day to share your expertise and make the connection.

Groups if where people ask for advice, recommendations and look for others to help them out.

To be most effective and efficient, use the search field in the group to quickly find posts and discussions where you can offer an answer and show off your experience.

Personal Profile

Use your personal profile to let people know about your work, just don’t post business updates only.

Facebook does not like people using their personal profiles for business exclusively, this is why we have facebook business pages. However, being excited about your company and sharing updates that all of your friends can benefit from and find useful without being salesy will help.

Learn and use Facebook ads

With the right strategy and set-up, your ads can help you grow awareness among the right audience.

It can grow your fan base, get people to your website, help you build an email list and even help generate some income.

Facebook ads inventory is getting low in many niches. You will notice that in order to get good results you have to spend more each day and in total for your campaign.

Facebook is also cracking down on the ad copy and image selection. Policies change often so be sure to read up on them every few weeks.

Video and Live Streaming

Create and post videos or use Facebook Live

Status updates and photos are nice, however, a moving picture stops the scowl. You can use video to answer questions, show off a new product, take your audience to an exciting event, or create a mini training,

The best part is that you can then use your live stream to share on the personal profile, in a group or even as an ad.


Re-evaluate your Facebook marketing strategy. If you are seeing a lower number of engagement, less traffic being generated and your efforts not being rewarded with the goals that you have set-up, it is time to make a change.

I hope that you found this topic interesting and useful, til next time!


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