A well planned and implemented Facebook marketing program takes advantage of all the opportunities that Facebook presents to us to share our message. From posts to our page to Facebook ad strategy and everything in between.

There are a number of activities that we can do on Facebook as business owners to grow awareness for our product or service.

  • We can create a Facebook business page and post regular content about our business, offerings, share customer journies and take our audience deeper into the how and why. 
  • We can create a Facebook group to encourage community and showcase your expertise.
  • We can participate in groups with answers to questions that people may have or participate in posts to list our social media channels or share links to latest blog posts.
  • We can stay active using our personal profile to connect with people on an individual level and to also let them know, in not so salesy way, how we can help and what our work is all about.
A two step Facebook ad strategy

A two step Facebook ad strategy

Another way is of course with Facebook advertising.

When it comes to Facebook advertising, from the technical perspective, changes happen on a weekly basis. But when it comes to the overall strategy, business goals and how you should approach a Facebook ads campaign, there is a best practices technique that I am sharing with you today.

Below is a very simple and actionable strategy that you can apply to your business to 1) build awareness and 2) get qualified traffic to your website or even leads into your sales funnel or promotion.

The Facebook ad platform gives us many options when it comes to targeting a cold audience but it also gives us an opportunity to present very specific messages to those who have already expressed interest in our business by visiting our website or engaging with your Facebook page, post or video.

This two-step strategy takes advantage of these two specific audiences: cold (to build awareness) and warm (to present an offer).

I have run this type of campaign and when configured with your specific goals, targets, and offers, it can be quite successful.

NOTE 1: before you start putting any money into the Facebook ad, make sure that your Facebook business page is active, meaning that you post content regularly. Not necessarily daily but on a regular basis so that anyone who lands on your page, from an ad or another way, they can see that you are paying attention to your marketing and being visible to your audience with valuable posts.

Showing up consistently on your social media platforms is a must. Share images, links to important content on your website, quick tip videos, maybe a Facebook live, to keep your social media up to date and current.

NOTE 2: make sure that you are tracking your ads, with Facebook insights but also with an offline process in place. Ask people who come in to your store or call your office how they heard about you or how they found out about the offer that they are redeeming.

As for the Facebook ad strategy here are the two overarching steps. This is only one content idea but the concept is the same, the ad creative below is just one suggestion:

STEP 1. Create a branding type of a video to use as an awareness-building ad

This video can be a Facebook live where you tell your audience about you and your business. Or it could be a tour of your store or facility or your office. It could be a “what’s new this season” type of a video (or Facebook live) created using your phone or with a professional video crew.

The production choice is yours but the point is to create a branding or “about me” video that you can use for a prolonged period of time in an awareness campaign. It doesn’t have to be long, either, but it should be concise and energetic.

If you already have a few videos on your Facebook page, perhaps one of them could work.

Set up video view and engagement audience in Facebook Ads Manager so that you can use it in a retargeting campaign at a later time (Step 2).

STEP 2: Come up with offers to attract your ideal customer

As you look at your business, you might uncover a few offers to test. A discount, a BOGO, a time-limited special, a complimentary consulting session.

Being clear on who your ideal customer is and what they would love to get from you is incredibly important here. Without this knowledge, you can spend a lot of money with very little return. Spend some time before this step getting to know your customer and what they may find attractive enough to click, download, or make their way to your store or office.

Next, start running a few test ads to your targeted audience who have already expressed interest in your business, using engagement audiences.

If you have a few offers to test, and possibly a small target audience, rotate the ads so that your offers do not become irrelevant, boring or stale. Rotating various offers and promoting different services or products will also make your business interesting.

There is more … 

There is a lot more to Facebook ads, of course. There are the technical aspects, the Facebook ads policy edits to keep in mind, the creative and ad copy that plays a critical part in your campaign success and the landing page or the process that you have in place once someone takes you up on your offer.

However, the two steps that I describe above should be the foundation of all of your Facebook ad campaigns. First, build awareness for what you do and then present relevant, special offers to only those who are interested.


If you would like to elevate your Facebook marketing, set up a simple two-step Facebook ads campaign that grows awareness for your business, casting a wider net with a branding type of an ad and then create offers and more punchy ad messages to present to those who showed interest in your business.

Even with a small budget you can adapt this simple strategy in your business and see great results.


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