The term “brand” has become versatile in our business world. I also think that it has been used, overused and misused.  

It is a marketing term that defines the company’s multiple characteristics that create an overall statement for customers to identify with and for the company’s place in its niche.

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Brand consistency confirms the values of your business across any and all customer interaction opportunities. It communicates your values and conveys what customers can expect from you. 

Brand consistency confirms the values of your business across any and all customer interaction opportunities. It communicates your values and conveys what customers can expect from you.

A well cared for, a well-blended brand can be a powerful tool that builds lasting and loyal customer bonds.

Brand consistency confirms the values of your business across any and all customer interaction opportunities.

You want to clearly define your business brand so that it represents your professional style and flare. It creates the foundation for your marketing that is based on the essential components that you are excited about and that your customers appreciate.

For a personal brand, various ingredients that make-up a synergistic business brand, at its core stems from you.

Branding leads to business success

There are many reasons why careful branding leads to business success. The most important two are:

People like to follow and associate themselves with brands that they like. Brands that are professional inside and out, that align with their values.

They learn about your values through your website, social media and any advertising that you create. Which is why communication is such an important part of branding. Branding can be a guide for the words you choose, the style in which you communicate even the place where your messages are shown.

People develop trust with a brand in order to buy. They want to know that you will take care of their needs and solve their problem.

Building trust through branding means letting people know what you have to offer, how you will help and take care of them. Building trust takes

Building trust takes consistency and time, two things many, many entrepreneurs find challenging. We want things to happen faster and with less effort.

Unless you have a large budget and a large team, there are no ways around the consistency and time aspects.  Just remember to do something for your business every single day.  Everyday network, build content, promote your service, serve customers.

Know and nurture your brand so that you can:

Carve out your very own place in your niche

Even in the most competitive of niches, you can still develop a unique, memorable and sought after brand. The combination of your branding elements makes it so.

From there, how and where you communicate your branding will determine the level of success.

Share your brand story and all it’s layers

The brand story begins with our experience, personality, and purpose. As you create new offerings, work with new clients and invest your expertise in new projects, your story expands.

Communicate with clarity

Shape the words and phrases to convey your key brand messages on all your materials that also speak directly to your target customer.

A content marketing program will become the vehicle for the delivery of your message. Remember that when you create a new piece of content, it is only the beginning. Getting it in front of as many people as possible is just as critical and maybe even more so.

Here is a checklist to help you get the most of your new piece of content that you spent hours perfecting.

Curate a visual style

A focused and deliberate visual aesthetic for your website, marketing materials, social media, and advertising goes a long way to build legitimacy and professionalism.


Pay extra special attention to your branding.  Are your marketing activities aligned with your brand guidelines?

Before you create a new message for social media, newsletter or ad, reflect on your brand values, your key messaging and your brand style.

>> Download the Brand Essence Worksheet, it will help you understand your branding better.<<

Thank you! And I hope that you found this super short article of some help, maybe it motivated you to keep up your branding efforts or not to give up.

I appreciate you sticking around until the end.


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